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"This book is nothing short of pure magic! A pitch perfect combination of adventure, nature, family and love." Kind Kids Book Club


Maleri wants to be an adventurer, but her mum's long work hours and small budget mean that most of her adventures happen in her sketchbook.

When she overhears talk of A ROARER dancing through the night skies, Maleri knows she must catch the magical beast and bring it home for her mum. 

Will Maleri find what's she looking for, or will she stumble across a real adventure of her own?


A beautifully inclusive new picture book from the award-winning author of My Mum's a Tiger, Kate Claxton, and immensely talented illustrator, Amber Orozco. 


A perfect read to share aloud with families of all ages, but best suited for children up to the age of 8.


Themes: The Northern Lights, Adventure, Nature, Single Parent Family, Limb Difference, Humour

A paperback book, printed responsibly in England.

Searching for a Roarer - Signed copy