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Author visits to your school or nursery!

I am thrilled to offer a variety of options to entertain and engage young readers. From author visits to explore the magic of my own books, or a special Story Explorer session to extend on your current topics, sessions can always be tailored to suit your children and their needs.

Use our contact form to discuss the perfect visit for your school, nursery or home education group...

School Enquiry Form


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"I can't thank you enough! I enjoyed every single minute of your visit.

I asked the children their opinion and their feedback was: 'It was great!', 'I want to be an author!', 'I loved it!', 'Can I send you my story to edit it? I want to publish it soon'.

I think they loved it as much as I did! You are very inspiring and we can't wait for a second book!"

Miss Lopez, Teacher at Eynsham Primary School

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