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Did you know that 1 in 15 children do not have a book of their own at home?

By becoming a Story Matchmaker, you can help provide more opportunities for children to pick up and enjoy a book.

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What's a Story Matchmaker?

A Story Matchmaker is an individual or business who regularly interacts with children and makes the pledge to have at least 10 books available for children to choose from and read on site throughout the year.


(For example, you're a baby/children's group with a reading area, you're a cafe with a book shelf/box, you're a venue or public area that can provide a space to display books.)

Your 10 books must be an inclusive mix, full guidance on selecting these will be given upon sign-up

By becoming a Story Matchmaker you'll provide more opportunities for children to access books, with the potential to introduce and match them with their lifelong favourite story. By providing an inclusive selection, you might introduce them to a book that represents them or their family for the first time - truly special!

1 in 5 children have less than 10 books at home

What's a Story Matchmaker?

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