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Protecting Our Wild

Here at Really Rather Wild, we try our best to protect the wild world we live in.

You can help too! 

Learn more about tiger conservation


If you've landed here, you're probably the lucky owner of one of our ROARsome 'Be More Tiger' packs and you want to learn more about protecting tigers in the wild!


Tigers are an endangered species, with only around 3,900 living in the wild.

The biggest threats to wild tigers are:

  • ​Poaching

  • Habitat Loss

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict

  • Effects of Climate Change

  • Tiger 'Farms' and Captive Tigers

Unfortunately, some of the threats above are too tricky for us to help with directly*. Luckily though, there are lots of ways we can help with the others!

My Climate Change Actions


Rising sea levels caused by climate change threaten to wipe out the home to one of the world's largest tiger populations - the Sundarbans - on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Climate change is not only a threat to tigers, but to ALL of us on Earth.

Here are some actions we can take:

  • Using less electricity and water at home - can you swap a bath for a shorter shower?

  • Walking, riding my bike or using public transport instead of travelling by car. This reduces our fossil fuel use per person!

  • Reducing the food waste in my home and only buying what we need. Cutting down on meat and dairy products, as well as being mindful of foods that have to be flown to us, will also help.

  • Re-using and fixing things, instead of buying new. Swap clothes with friends or family and visit charity shops to avoid buying new clothes as often.

  • Buying products that help protect forests like those with the FSC label and looking for products that use sustainable palm oil.

  • Write to your MPs to encourage them to take action and bring climate change projects and fundraising to their attention.

I promise to make a difference and will take these actions to protect our wild world.

*There are some fantastic charities and organisations who CAN help with some of the trickier threats. We can help them by raising money and donating to their work. Click below to visit some of our favourite charities and find out how you can fundraise!

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