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Why Re-Write the Story now?

So now you know the WHAT, let's talk about the WHY. I can't sum it up any better than this statistic...

While researching for my second book, I found this stat from a study by @paceychildcare. Children as young as THREE years old are experiencing body confidence issues. It also went on to reveal that a number of four year olds were aware of some weight loss strategies, highly likely to have been picked up from listening to adults 😭

Most of us have body confidence issues, and I'm not here to lecture on how to solve that, but I couldn't read these stats and NOT encourage a conversation on how to re-write the story and remove some of the traps we were set growing up, to give today's children a better chance at growing up in a more inclusive and less body-centric world.

The issue is obviously planting its seed much younger than we realise and so I'm really looking forward to sharing books, activities, opinions and mindfulness resources to help you (and me!) make the world a safer space for the young minds looking up to us. This isn't just a project on weight, this is all things body image. My Mum's a Tiger was my first step and now I'm ready to take a big second LEAP.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this...

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