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Self-Love Socks: ON!

Self Love Socks: ON ✔️

Well, they're on but they're a bit slouchy and not pulled up to their full extent. But they're on and I know they're there, and that's all you need to ask of your own self-love-ability to be able to help Re-write the Story for children around you 📖

🚩Children don't need to see us flying the self-love flag at all times, but the more they hear you knock your body, start a diet, compare yourself to someone else or hide a part of you that society has told you is wrong, the more they will begin to model the same behaviour. Have you ever had that proud parent/care giver moment where you show a child something a few times and then they absolutely nail it by themselves? The same goes for the negative stuff they see and hear too, and judging by your reaction to the stat in my last post, they're picking it up earlier than most of us realise.

So, I want the Re-write the Story conversation to act as a reminder to be mindful of this (remindful?😎) A collection of resources to help build early self-esteem and inclusive mindsets. This won't be a place of lectures or virtue though, I'm still learning too...

👙These legs that I've hidden away since my early teens are taking my toddler for swimming lessons next week 😅 something I've put off doing with her for a long time purely because of how I might look 🙈 What taught me to want to hide these waves in my thighs but desire a wave in my hair? Where did I learn to be ashamed of the prominence of the greeny vein in my calf but draw attention to the green of my eyes? I can't pinpoint it, but it happened young and has influenced what I wear, my comfort in warm weather, even the type of holiday I'd choose and so I'll be doing all I can to make sure my baby grows up not feeling the need to avoid situations based on the way society tries to tell her she should look 👊

Excited to start sharing our guest posters next week. Have a good weekend and try and keep those self love socks up 😉

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